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An adventurer at heart, with a love for all things positive, David contributes to a number of news and blog websites with his easy to read writing style. In 2009, he founded Xmedia Digital Solutions to help small to medium business owners make the most of current technologies.
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As the world of marketing changes with new devices and technologies, we have wondered what mediums will endure the test of time, and which will die a miserable death as they miss the transition to the future. Digital Agencies, for well over a decade now, have been telling us how internet marketing, mobile devices and video will overtake and suffocate mainstream media such as TV and Radio. But has it died a horrible death?

In the 2016 third quarter Nielsen report of Total Audience, it shows 92 percent still viewed video on television, with web devices and smart devices like Apple TV making up the rest.  According to Pivotal Research Group, even the top 6 percent of video streamers watch 10 times as much live TV as streamed video.

Digital Marketing agency, Xmedia Digital Solutions, has changed the way they market their products, where once the industry pushed much needed online advertising spend, their focus is now on mixed media and content creation. Their service list of website design and search optimisation allows them to focus on helping their clients get found online when looked for, as well as mixing well with their clients other advertising spends on TV and Radio.

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“Marketing has to be looked at as one entity, not a separate strategy for internet, TV and radio” said a spokesperson from Xmedia Digital Solutions. “They should compliment each other and cover more audience for a better engagement. Everyone is different and finds products and services a different way. The big change we see coming is people getting sick of ads in their face, and a push towards inbound marketing rather than outbound.”

While Television and Radio may have a long way to go in terms of sorting themselves out and working well with others, it still remains a valuable resource for marketers and business looking to create brand awareness.

Internet giant Amazon, who once relied heavily on only online advertising, is seen to be using television for some of it’s recent campaigns, with much success. Often outspoken marketing professor, Mark Ritson, shows us that we need to not always believe the hype and to research the facts. Sure, digital agencies are telling us TV and Radio are dying, it means they will sell more. But are clients seeing the benefits of neglecting one media for the other? Patrick Kulp explains more about different strategies taken by big business in his article ‘ abandoned TV commercials for a massive digital ad push this holiday season.’ For example, whilst Amazon was increasing spend on TV, cut their TV spend entirely and focused on online ads, spending 250 times more than the previous year.

Amazon Prime’s 2016 commercial.

Marketing will enter new grounds in 2017 as marketers around the globe adapt to changes in consumer behavior, and business look to all advertising to see what will work best to engage with their audience.

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Xmedia Digital Solutions is betting on big changes in online advertising, with recent news about Facebook and Twitter overcharging for ads, and more people using ad-blocking software.

“The time to focus on quality content on your website, your television commercials and radio campaigns is now” says Xmedia Digital Solutions. “People are looking for products and services in different ways, how they find you will determine your success in getting the sale or engagement.”

Xmedia Digital Solutions can be found on Google search by searching their name or ‘Hunter Valley SEO’, and as they themselves always say, the best way to get found is by being everywhere.



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